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New Kaitiaki on the block: Rintoul Street Villas

Divyesh Sharma is one of our newest and youngest kaitiaki for Te Toi Mahana. He has been living at Rintoul Street for over 15 years with his parents and brother. Like the Rintoul Street youth group crew, growing up, you would find Divyesh connecting with the other rangatahi in the community and using their imagination to create the ideal kiwiana childhood. Outside of our community, Divyesh is currently studying at Victoria University where he is doing a joint degree, in Law and Criminology. Growing up in Rintoul Street has only indulged his aspirations to work hard and be the person that the community can come to, for help and support.


Divyesh grew up in Rintoul Street when lots of youth initiatives were going around. He remembers when the entire community would participate in summer water fights and trips to the local beach. Divyesh remembers these moments fondly and would love to give back to the community especially our rangatahi and tamariki. He wants to build a new road leading to other pathways which will branch off and help structure a better foundation for the future generations of Te Toi Mahana.

Growing up in Rintoul Street has helped acquire necessary qualities to help strengthen this role. Divyesh is really connected within the community and is a strong believer that our youth should be at the table for all decision making when it comes to the future developments of rangatahi and tamariki.


If Divyesh’s story resonates with you from experience and you would love to get involved in this as well. Please contact

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