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Rintoul Street Villas: Youth Group

In the heart of Rintoul Street, where laughter echoed through the corridors of social housing, four remarkable girls found a haven of friendship and community that transcended the challenges of their surroundings. As we delved into their memories, a tapestry of shared experiences unfolded, weaving a story of resilience, camaraderie, and dreams for a brighter future.


The journey began at the tender age of 8 or 9 when fate brought Vana, Safi, Keira and Yvonne together. One vivid memory involves a collective effort to pool together a modest $6, a treasure that brought forth the sweet delight of shared lollies among 18 children—an act that symbolized unity and shared joy.


The communal spirit extended beyond mere play; it manifested in the creation of go-karts, group bikes and scooters, and the strategic construction of two or three huts after epic summer water fights. The summer of 2015 saw over 20 kids united in laughter and shared adventures—an enduring memory etched in the collective consciousness of Rintoul Street.

Reflecting on their aspirations for Rintoul Street, the girls envisioned a vibrant community space with more greenery, activities, and picnic tables—an environment conducive to the laughter and play that defined their own childhood. Their dreams extended beyond nostalgia; they yearned for Rintoul Street to be a hub of camaraderie, a space where families thrive, supported by a sense of belonging.


Today, the landscape of Rintoul Street is changing, evolving into a community that fosters connections and unity. The girls, now young women, express a desire to see Rintoul Street tenants coming together more frequently, solidifying the sense of community they cherished in their youth.


In their stories, we find not only the challenges of growing up in Aotearoa but also the triumph of friendship and the resilience of shared dreams. These four girls from Rintoul Street, once bound by the adventures of childhood, now stand as testament to the power of community to shape futures and overcome adversity.

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