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Maintenance and Repairs

Faults and Maintenance



What you are responsible for:

  • Keeping your home clean and tidy.

  • You can do basic things around your home, like changing a lightbulb, if you are able.

  • If you have a maintenance need, please contact us straight away, so we can get it fixed.

What you are not responsible for:

  • You are not responsible for repairs or damage caused by burglaries, natural disasters or fair wear and tear.

  • Examples of what fair wear and tear are:

    • Worn Flooring.

    • Taps and washers wearing out or leaking. 

Costs of repairs: 

  • Regular wear and tear, general maintenance, and non-intentional damage incur no cost to you.

  • However, costs for alterations or damages resulting from negligence or wilful actions will be the responsibility of the tenant. 

Please do not contact Te Toi Mahana contractors directly or contact other people or contractors to carry out work. Te Toi Mahana will not be held responsible for payment to any other contractors/ person arranged to fix a repair by the tenant.

You can help us by

  • Reporting maintenance issues as soon as possible.

  • Being home at the agreed time.

  • Moving personal items away.

  • Keeping children and pets out of harm’s way.

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Window Insulation

Tips for Keeping your home dry


Winter is the time of year where mould can be found in your home as the air is cold and damp. Cooking, bathing, and drying your clothes indoors can also create moisture in your home.

Good ventilation reduces the amount of moisture in your home, can help to keep you healthy and your home easier to heat.

Tenants are responsible for ventilating the home during their tenancy.

Here are some key actions to take to help prevent mould in your home.

  • Open your windows as often as possible, this will help fresh air come in and drive the moisture out.

  • Open your curtains during the day to allow warmth from the sun in.

  • Use any extract fans that are in your home as this will also drive the moisture outside.

  • Keep lids on pot when cooking.

  • Wiping condensation off walls and windows as soon as you can.

  • Hanging washing outside and make sure everything is dry before putting away.

  • Leave wardrobes a bit open and pull beds and furniture away from walls.

  • Keep your shower curtain inside the shower or bath so water doesn’t drip on the floor and wash the curtain every few weeks.


Te Toi Mahana provides free curtains to all tenants, if you don’t have them, or your curtains are damaged, please contact us and we will get them replaced.

It’s important to remove any mould as soon as it appears

White vinegar is a cheap and effective way to clean mould. On painted surfaces, dilute the vinegar with water (half and half) to avoid damaging the paint. Leave it for a few days then wipe off the dead mould with soap and water using a clean.

If you are doing all the above and still losing the fight against mould please contact your tenancy advisor, there may be a hidden issue causing the dampness.

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